Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanks to PI Robert Charlton

Many Duckies would be up the creek still if it weren't for the excellent work of PI (Private Investigator) Robert Charlton of Alliance Investigative Services who brought the world the first known true pictures of fraud artist Heidi Kimmer Diaz AKA Kimmer and a thousand other aliases.

Mr Charlton has stayed "behind the scenes" if you will throughout this long grueling ordeal but there are many of us who owe a huge debt to his superior sleuthing skills.

Were it not for his amazing work at putting the pieces of the Heidikins puzzle together with pictures and addresses many hundreds more victims would have thrown away not only cash but health following her evil scheme.

Please take a minute and read his blog and check out his websites.

Sometimes in the pursuit of a goal you forget those who help you move it forward. Mr Robert Charlton what you did was not only fabulous detective work but true to your craft you did it in the shadows. Take a bow please and accept the thanks of this blogger who will be passing your name and link to everyone I know in California (which is a heck of a lot of people) and I do hope I can send more work to you. Words are shallow but the gratitude of the diet community is yours.

Thank you!

Please check out this report on Heidi Kimkins Diaz' tax payment. Read about Mr Robert Charlton's private notes on Heidi Diaz surveillance and her sudden IRS donation. One can only hope she is paying forward her upcoming stint at the state run facility near her for her blights on society. Wonder how much weight one can lose doing jailkins?

To contact Mr Robert Charlton:


We are a Private Investigative agency located in southern California specializing in surveillance, criminal and insurance defense and counterfeit product. Please visit our web page at Southern California Private Investigator :: Alliance Investigative Services

Contact Information:
160 W. Foothill Pkwy
Suite 105
Corona, CA 92882
Phone: (800) 580-4749
Fax: (800) 580-4749


Sherrie said...

I think just as big thanks should go to Martin (slamboard) and his wife Christine for arranging this.

I love your banner :)

Ocean said...

Thanks Sherrie! Feel free to use the banner and pass it around. A friend of mine made it and I think it is hilarious! Thanks for your comment. I am going to put a post up thanking Catherine and Martin at Slamboard for arranging the PI in a day or so. I am late to the party with the Kimkins truth blogs so the early players haven't been documented but they do deserve the praise and if you think of anyone else please feel free to let me know!

OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks, Martin, Catherine & Robert!

Don't let your friends, or even your enemies, do the Kimkins Diet!