Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on the Kimkins Lawsuit

Lawsuit Update

1) John Tiedt has now officially taken 2 depositions of Heidi Diaz.

2) John Tiedt has now officially taken 1 deposition of Brandon Diaz

3) We have learned that while Heidi Diaz was profiting from Kimkins through the Women’s World surge et al, she was also still accepting payments and income from SSDI and Medicare.

4) Heidi Diaz is still currently making money and still in business, however we have acquired new information that affirms the belief towards her concealment of assets.

5) We have uncovered evidence of more fraud and false advertising.

6) Brian Pugh is not an attorney, but he is an employee of Bert Cottle, and Brian formed Sharp Plumbing LLC, Halcyon Web LLC and the Beauchamp Trust for Heidi Diaz. John Tiedt plans to complete a deposition of Brian Pugh in the near future.

7) Bert Cottle has filed a demurrer that we are confident will fail. In addition, Bert Cottle has put in a motion to set aside the writ of attachment that is in place on Heidi Diaz’s assets. It is entirely up to the judge and she will hand down her decision after she has reviewed all of the court documents on 3/21/2008.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Smart Women ~ Dumb Choices

I was reading some of the truthful blogs about the scammer diet aka Kimkins this morning and shaking my head. I understand why some members bury their heads in the sand, I really do. If you are insulated in that surreal place where everyone cheers you on and supports you while you struggle with food issues it is so natural to lose perspective. And when you are super hungry every thought becomes a chore.

And when you might venture out to check out the other low carb support sites they can be intimidating and scary. Bulletin Boards take on a high school like flavor of the in crowd, the geeks, the kid no one likes, the bullies, the passive aggressives who pretend to be your friend, and it is so easy and comforting to scurry back to your safe haven.

I danced around a few places when I started my serious journey to health and fitness a few years ago. I lurked at LCF and always felt like an outsider, an intruder that no one would pay attention to. I still feel that way. But the wide range of opinions on things that matter to me in my weight loss journey helped me much more than a narrow perspective tightly controlled and choreographed. I didn't see it then but I do now in hindsight.

I avoid the playground with it's bullies, know it alls, posters with 50,000 posts who rule the roost and unconsciously or deliberately belittle. I focus on that which matters to me. I seek out the words of the intelligent, the kind, the successful at finding their own weight loss path and sticking to it or changing it as needed. The ones who have honestly walked the walk and share honestly.

Honest is not a word that can be attributed to Kimkins or to Heidi Diaz. No matter what tune she sings now. No matter how she is spinning the haters and liars. She is a bad person. She is dangerous.

I know many of the current members have found support in the membership there in spite of who runs the site. I hope they have found sanity in eating and have collected info so they do not find themselves lost without their network like the hundreds of banned.

There have been so many warnings of this but I think it bears repeating. It makes me sad.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Kimkins Wins Naked Mole-Rat Award!


That's Heidi Kimberly Diaz, a/k/a "Kimkins" over on the right. (*Note to see pics from original article click here.) (The good-looking one is the naked mole-rat. That's Kimkins up above.) Does the petite and demure Ms. Diaz look like she's lost 200 pounds and kept it off for 5 years? That's one of the many improbable statements that have come out of her mouth (in between bites, no doubt).

The Kimkins diet has prompted a burgeoning horde of consumer protest sites by people who were duped by Diaz's fake before and after pictures, by her alleged serial lies, and by the propaganda that she herself had achieved fantastic results on the program.

I will not recount the whole sordid Kimkins deception here, as there are literally hundreds of blogs, websites, and forum posts which contain all you'd ever want to know and more. This article at is a pretty good one-page expose' -- including claims that the diet is unsafe and destructive.

For reckless disregard of everything and everyone that stands between her and a fast buck, Consumerama hereby force-feeds Kimmer and her company this week's NMRoM Award!